insect net. Plastic screens. Vinyl nylon screens screens.

Material: plastic and nylon

Color: white, blue etc.

Weaving: plain weave 

Performance: Good toughness, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, not easy to deformation

Application: Greenhouse cultivation, filtering, building net, machine protection, hotel and residential.

Insect proof window screen is made by drawing of high quality olyethylene, adding to prevent aging agent, anti-UV radiation chemical agents. With tensile strength, thermal, water resistance, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, avirulent insipidity and easy to disposal of waste etc. Correct storage it’s life can reach 3-5 years.Insect net mulching is an effective and practical environmental protection type of new agricultural technology, by covering the construction of artificial isolation barrier on frame, the pests out of their networks, cut off pests propagation approach, effective control all kinds of pests, such as cabbage webworm, Pieris rapae, diamondback moth, aphids, beetles, beet armyworm, Liriomyza flies, Prodenia litura spread and prevent virus diseases spread harm. With light, moderate shading effect, create favorable conditions for crop growth, to ensure that substantially reduced in the application of chemical pesticides, make the crops, high quality and health, providing a powerful guarantee for the development of green agricultural product. Protect the crops and fruits from the storm scour, hail attacks and other natural disasters. Insect nets are widely used as isolation for vegetables, rape pollen spread and propagation of seed, potato, flowers and other virus-free plantlets after cover and pollution-free vegetables, can also be used for pest control in tobacco seedlings, disease prevention, is the best way for physical prevention and control of various crops, vegetable pests at present. Really let consumers eat "healthy vegetables", make contributions to China's vegetable basket project.

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