Aluminum window screen

Aluminum alloy window screen is also called aluminum magnesium alloy wire netting, epoxy resin paint aluminum window screen and aluminum wire netting. Depending on the function of the corrosion resistance, it is very suitable for the wet environment.. After the epoxy painting , it can be made to green, silver gray, yellow, blue,etc. It's mainly exported to the United States and Europe,etc.

Material: Aluminum magnesium alloy single wire
Characteristics: high corrosion resistance.
Mesh Size: 14*14mesh,16*16mesh,16*14mesh, 17*15mesh, 18*14mesh,18*16mesh, 18*18mesh
Wire Diameter: 0.15 mm - 1.0 mm
Width/Roll: 500 - 2500mm
Characteristics: high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, good toughness, high tensile strength, no rust, various colors fadeless.
Application: widely used in home decoration, install in doors and windows and corridors.

Specification of Aluminum Alloy Window Screen-Xusen Brand

Aluminum alloy window screen

Mesh size/Inch

Wire diameter/mm

Weave type


14 x 14

0.18-0.40 mm

Plain weave

0.5-1.52 m

16 x 14

16 x 16

17 x 15

18 x 18

20 x 18

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