Hebei xusen general company covers an area over 100,000 square meter ,more than 200 employees ,wire drawing ,powder coated machine 16 sets,home advanced weaving machine 270 sets ,finalizing ,powder coated machine 4 lines ,the window screen production quantity more than 60,000m2 per day .wire drawing ,pvc coated ,weaving ,finalizing ,powder coating line.Integration of industry and trade,We become the best organized manufacturer in hometown of wire mesh.
1.drawing ,using the international stainless steel wire ,it is acid and alkali resistance,resistant to corrosion ,non-magnetic ,long life usage .etc
2.wire ,thicker and thiner wire ,assure the material and each wire same thickness .
3.Wire Collating(Before weaving preparation)
4.Weaving :Using the Germany heavy equipment ,weaving ,flating ,mesh hole same and no defect .
5.Leveling and cutting :Mesh flat and easy to install
6.Pretreatment and powder coated

Pre product processing (Increase the adhesion )

America imported spray gun powder

Akzo Powder coated (matte black)

  Our company invested More than four million yuan to introduce high-end automatic spraying production line,products meet International testing standards .

Hang--High pressure degrease spray processing--High pressure spray Picks processing ( Increase the surface adhesion)--Pure water high pressure spray cleaning---prebake---infrared preheating--

The United States imported spray gun , Spraying ( Akzo powder coating )--- in 140m 200 degrees Constant temperature curing processing ---take off

  After the processing , the Product surface processing under in a clean condition ,After coating, products with smooth and clean surface,without any defect . Plastic layer well-distributed , high adhesion , it meet measurements of the national inspection agency such as impact resistance and corrosion resistance to acid mist .it is suitable for security mesh and all kinds of mesh which have high powder coating requirements.

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